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Every year at this time thousands of individuals make New Year’s resolutions to improve their lives and be a better person. Whether it is to lose weight, stop smoking or exercise more, we are setting goals to improve our lives . Yet, many people will ignore making the easiest life-saving changes for one of the
Law enforcement officers and judges yesterday announced the start of a statewide Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over drunk driving crackdown at the annual meeting of the Michigan Association of Treatment Court Professionals in Novi. Increased patrols focused on drunk driving enforcement will be under way in every county between March 16 and March 29.
Motorcyclists will be out in force as the weather gets warmer, which is why May is the perfect month for Motorcycle Safety Awareness. Fatal crashes with motorcycles are on the rise, and helmet usage is on the decline so all motorists need to know how to anticipate and respond to motorcyclists to avoid fatal crashes.
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Legal Sciences has announced its Digital Training Library on Crash Reconstruction  is now available.  The Digital Library includes video presentations by Prof. John Kwasnoski and selected other nationally-recognized experts along with numerous downloadable pdf documents and published papers.  Collision investigation and reconstruction concepts are explained in easy-to-understand language, without the math, a trademark of Prof.