Useful Road Safety Tools

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Check out the below items for safety while on the road

Being safety aware requires being prepared for that unexpected event, keeping children and pets safe, and getting the knowledge to act. Scroll down to find useful road safety tools for a variety of situations.

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Roadside Tool Kits

Be prepared for those emergencies and small emergency repairs while on the go with a Roadside Tool Kit.

Emergency Roadside Kits

While preventative measures go a long way toward minimizing breakdowns, unexpected vehicle problems can still arise. You should update your emergency roadside kit every season.

Child Booster Seats

These seats are rated by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) as Best Bets.  Per IIHS: "A BEST BET booster provides good lap and shoulder belt fit for typical 4 to 8 year-olds in almost any car, minivan or SUV. You can buy boosters as highbacks or as backless seats — both kinds are represented here. Some boosters can be used in both modes. For those seats, the BEST BET rating applies to the mode or modes indicated."

Bike Helmets

These helmets were recommended by Consumers Reports and they passed the mandatory Consumer Product Safety Commission standard for impact absorption. Two of the recommended adult helmets were not available through Amazon, Specialized "Echelon" and Louis Garneau "Baristo".

Adult Helmet

Adult Helmet

Youth Helmet

Youth Helmet

Auto Escape Tools:

The resqme tool is a window-breaker and seat-belt-cutter; an emergency tool idea for the safety of any driver. In the event of an emergency and possible vehicle entrapment, the resqme tool holds a sharp blade to cut a jammed seatbelt and a spring-loaded spike to shatter the car window.

Pet Car Safety:

Keep your pet secure and safe. With a dog seat belt or car harness, he can ride safely -- no matter where you're going.

Why do I show only the Sleepypod Harness?

Per Consumers Reports: (October 7, 2013) "Despite good intentions, many owners who are buckling up their dogs may not be using a harness that will keep the animals or passengers safe. Serious flaws were found with many popular car pet restraints in a new study by the Center for Pet Safety (CPS) and Subaru. Only one pet restraint, the Sleepypod Clickit Utility Harness, was able to offer adequate protection to the dog and the passengers of the vehicle, earning it a top score for crash protection."

Books on Road Safety Issues

Not So Fast

You can learn more about Not So Fast in my conversation with Tim Hollister on the Highway to Safety podcast.


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