Senior Drivers

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Older Drivers—Time to be a Smart Driver?

Are you a driver 65 or older?

While driving, have you had several close calls or a near crash in the past three years?

Do you worry that while driving you might make a mistake and get hurt or hurt someone else?

Do you get nervous, agitated or irritated while driving?

When assessing your own driving, these are the kinds of questions that should be asked. Does answering yes mean that you must stop driving? No, it doesn’t. But answering yes does mean that you may want to consider what could be done to be a safer driver. This article will examine an important option for older drivers—AARP’s Smart DriverTM Course.

Senior Drivers and Medication—Are You Driving Impaired?

December 2-6, 2013 is Older Driver Safety Awareness Week and it aims to promote understanding of the importance of mobility and transportation, helping ensure older adults remain active in the community. This is also a great time to review any medication being taken and find out what impact it may have on your driving skills.

Senior Drivers: To Drive or Not to Drive

For many of us, driving is freedom; the freedom to go where we want, visit who we wish, and explore new sights. It can be exciting, driving down the road on a new adventure, or to visit family and friends. But as we age, it can also become challenging. The number of drivers over age 65 is growing, and will continue to grow for many years as the baby boom generation moves into retirement.