Impaired Driving – Other Drugs

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Dr. Robert DuPont and Drugged Driving

Dr. Robert DuPont, President of the Institute for Behavior and Health, provides a comprehensive perspective on preventing drugged driving. Dr. DuPont and the Traffic Safety Guy talk about drugged driving and the steps that can be taken to reduce its pervasiveness. These videos are clips taken from an interview for the Highway to Safety Podcast about drugged driving.

Dr. DuPont discusses what drugged driving is and why it is a concern for road safety.

Dr. DuPont discuses drugged driving and Prescription Medication, specifically, what are the issues surrounding prescription use and its involvement.

Dr. DuPont discuses what has to be done to stop drugged driving, including drug testing of everyone arrested for impaired driving and establishing "per se" laws.

Dr. DuPont, discuses what the public can do to bring about a change. Additionally, there is discussion on drugged driving and marijuana.