RADD-ONDCP Teen Drugged Driving Summit

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RADD-ONDCP Teen Drugged Driving Summit

On July 11, 2014, RADD and the Office of the National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) co-hosted the nation's first ever comprehensive public forum on teen drugged driving. The summit brought together government leaders, scientific experts and community leaders for an in-depth discussion on the latest research and strategies to protect young drivers.

I was fortunate to attend the summit, and thanks to RADD, I was able to interview a number of the dignitaries and speakers.

Below, on this page you will find my conversations with those individuals, as well as the podcast that was developed from those discussions.


Highway to Safety Podcast

Teen Drugged Driving is a significant issue. During the recent RADD-ONDCP Teen Drugged Driving Summit the issues surrounding this topic were discussed.

Highway to Safety is THE podcast on traffic safety, discussing issues in traffic safety, providing tips and suggestions, including conversations with policy makers, traffic safety professionals, and the people who are making a difference every day of their lives. 

This particular episode is a compilation of comments made by a number of the presenters and dignitaries at the summit and an examination of the teen drugged driving issue.

Want to Listen to the Episode?

To listen to the episode, you can click on the image to the right and go to the Highway to Safety website to read the show notes. You can also download the episode from iTunes, Stitcher or a number of other podcast distributors.

Click on the image to listen to the episode.

Erin Meluso, RADD and Michael Botticelli, ONDCP

Ms. Erin Meluso, President of RADD and Mr. Michael Botticelli, Acting Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) discuss the RADD-ONDCP Teen Drugged Driving Summit and the importance of raising awareness and involving parents in this critical topic. (Click on the image to watch a discussion with each person.)

Additional Discussions

Below are video recordings of my conversations with a number of presenters and interested dignitaries at the RADD-ONDCP Teen Drugged Driving Summit. They present their thoughts and impressions on teen drugged driving and what needs to be done to raise awareness and end this deadly activity. (Click on the image to watch the particular video.)

Christopher Hart

Acting Chairman, NTSB

Michael Witter

Regional 5 Administrator, NHTSA

Jonathan Adkins

Executive Director, GHSA

Penny Wells

CEO & President, SADD

Dr. James Lange

Research Director, RADD

Jason Demeter

National Student Leadership Team, SADD

Sgt. Wesley Stought

Ohio DRE Coordinator, OSHP

Snap-shots from the RADD-ONDCP Teen Drugged Driving Summit