Teen Driving Safety

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Tim Hollister and Teen Driving

Tim Hollister's seventeen-year-old son, Reid, died in a one-car crash on an interstate highway in central Connecticut in 2006. Since then, Tim has become a leading expert on teen safety and why parents must be involved before, during, and after teens drive. Now with the publishing of his book "Not So Fast: Parenting Your Teen Through the Dangers of Driving," Tim has provided straightforward tips on what parents can do to help their daughters and sons be safer drivers.

These videos are short clips taken from an interview for the Highway to Safety Podcast about Teen Driving and Parents.


Tim Hollister, provides four reasons why there is no such thing as a safe teen driver.

Tim Hollister talks about one of the most predictable reasons teens crash - Joyriding


Tim Hollister discusses the importance of a Teen Driving Agreement and the Model Agreement he has in his book.